Senior Consultant

For over 20 years, Dr. Babatunde Okuleye has worked as a Correctional and Forensic Psychiatrist. He specializes in correctional psychiatric care in jails and prisons, working in both the clinical and administrative sectors. Over his career, he has developed and managed psychiatric services in more than 180 facilities around the country. Dr. Okuleye brings keen understanding to a broad spectrum of issues within the corrections environment – from Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services to Competency Evaluation, Restoration to Fitness, Medication, and Utilization Management.

Dr. Okuleye has led psychiatric services for Cook County Jail, the second largest correctional mental health institution in the industry caring for over 11,000 inmates. Dr. Okuleye has also served as Chief Psychiatric Officer for several correctional healthcare companies, and has managed over 33 state prisons. He has spearheaded psychiatric program strategy, direction, and management for over 180 facilities in 15 states.

phone 312.803.5666