Dr. Scott A. Eliason is a psychiatrist in Eagle, Idaho, and is affiliated with multiple area hospitals, including Overlake Medical Center and Evergreen Health Kirkland. He currently works with Correctional Medical Services to develop their behavioral health system and treat inmates with mental illness in prisons across Idaho. He has a particular interest in maximum security offenders and the severely and persistently mentally ill. Dr. Eliason has provided psychiatric supervision, consultation, evaluation, and medication management services to inmates with mental illness, behavioral challenges, or both. His services are a resource for cases that present with high acuity and/or high complexity and which require a more specialized evaluation and targeted treatment. Additionally, he provides clinical and administrative oversite for the delivery of all psychiatric care. While working for the California Department of Corrections, he led the assessment of all psychiatric staffing and operational analyses and was responsible for studying and making best practice recommendations for the delivery of psychiatric care across 33 facilities and approximately 100,000 inmates. Dr. Eliason collaborates with a large team of interdisciplinary Falcon experts who collectively serve as expert witnesses.