Senior Expert

Christopher Fallon is a highly skilled professional with a wealth of experience in prison administration and communications. With a background as the former Deputy Commissioner of Prisons for the Massachusetts Department of Correction, he possesses expertise in all aspects of prison security, inmate management, and report writing. Throughout his tenure, Christopher oversaw a large staff of 3,200 employees and managed over 6,000 inmates across 16 state prisons. He demonstrated exceptional leadership as a direct report to the Commissioner of Corrections and played a crucial role in various committees and workgroups aimed at effecting positive changes within the department.

In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Christopher served as the Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Communications, where he directed internal and external communications for the Department of Correction. He was responsible for overseeing divisions such as inmate grievances, correspondence, and media relations, including social media platforms and traditional media outlets. Furthermore, as the Director of Outreach and Engagement, he excelled as the department’s spokesperson, crafting messaging for internal and external stakeholders and maintaining direct correspondence with the Governor’s office. Christopher’s strong communication skills and strategic planning abilities were instrumental in developing the department’s first social media presence and implementing effective communications plans