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Falcon partners with industry decision makers to tackle the most pressing challenges with our nation’s mentally-ill inmates. Whether considering, launching, or in the midst of a project—Falcon provides the ultimate expertise to support your initiatives. We create custom plans designed by leading experts, bringing real solutions and real results.

Offering ground-level insight and progressive solutions at the Federal, State, County and Community level, we put our unmatched operational and programming expertise to work for you.






Federal Government

With criminal justice reform a national priority, there is an opportunity to push for safer, more effective treatments and re-entry models – to break the cycle of incarceration. Falcon engages both communities and facilities to prioritize and be accountable for the aftercare needs of released inmates. We are committed to working with government and civil leaders, bringing technical support, strong expertise and perspective on the most promising treatment practices and reintegration models available.



At Falcon, we embrace research and understand its vital importance to policy reform. Falcon brings on-the-ground insight to research and data-driven analysis. We pilot promising treatment models, best practices, and international innovations from abroad. Our understanding of new treatments and processes ensures the most meaningful recommendations to policy makers while increasing the likelihood of success.


State Government

If your State is funding or launching a new initiative, Falcon is ready to provide technical support in the areas of evidence-based approaches, best practices, program development, implementation, and management.


Department of Corrections

Whether your behavioral health needs are in your facilities or upon inmate re-entry, Falcon works with you to tackle your most challenging mental health needs. Falcon’s distinguished track record of treatment program designs for Juvenile and Adult prison inmates have benefited facilities in the areas of suicide prevention, inmates in restrictive housing, recidivism, re-entry, and reintegration. Additionally, where youth are concerned, we bring a deep commitment to rehabilitation – believing even the most basic treatment enhancement and education can greatly reduce recidivism amongst this population.


Local & County Government

Whether the County is funding new justice structures or launching a new program initiative, Falcon leaders are ready to provide clinical and technical support in the areas of behavioral health operational and design development, evidence-based approaches, best practices, program development, implementation, and management.


Sheriff’s Office

Working with Sheriff’s Departments, and Command Staff, Falcon experts have developed, implemented, managed, restructured and analyzed hundreds of behavioral health programs nationwide. Key areas of engagement range broadly: Suicide Prevention, Evidence-Based Treatment Models, Community Reintegration Programs, Specialized Programs for the Severely Mentally-Ill, Security/Staff and Inmate Training. In the area of Community Reintegration, we engage in progressive solutions grounded on the newest advancements. Where we have implemented these solutions, Falcon has achieved marked results in reducing liability, and reducing recidivism.


Healthcare Systems and Insurance Groups

Safety and cost issues are pressing concerns as hospital and emergency room readmissions continue to climb. Falcon works with you to tackle these issues. Our evidence-based behavioral health treatment models are proven to increase treatment adherence, reduce hospital readmissions, advance wellness and promote community health. Falcon experts provide guidance on program strategy, planning, implementation, community outreach, and alternatives for ongoing access to behavioral healthcare.


Justice Architecture

Jails and prisons have become the largest mental health institutions in our country. As such, Falcon believes that working with Justice Architecture Groups is crucial to guiding program and structural design for justice facilities. Central to Falcon’s design assist philosophy is that “built environments” must safely support the management of mentally-ill inmates while promoting a learning environment that prepare individuals for release. With a supportive “built-environment” and the use of evidence-based models, inmate performance is significantly enhanced inside and outside the facility.