MS, Associate AIA, CCHP

Specializing in medical and behavioral health populations, Erin Persky practices at the very forefront of emerging justice and civic facility planning. She has blazed new territory in matching clinical patient needs and populations assessments with facility planning, including trauma-informed and gender-responsivity design consulting. Erin Persky was a major contributor in several facilities that are considered models today, including projects for the City and County of Denver, Colorado Courts; Island County, Washington; Fresno, California; Los Angeles, California; and Santa Clara County.

Ms. Persky has teamed with Falcon in several ground-breaking projects, including Sacramento, California’s “Correctional and Mental Health Services Facility Program Population Study;” and Contra Costa County, California’s “West County Reentry, Treatment & Housing Facility.” Ms. Persky has earned her Master of Science in Architecture and is pursuing licensure.