Trauma-Informed Training: Incorporating Wellness for Deputies

According to the Federal Office of Justice Programs, levels of stress in the correctional environment are some of the highest occupational levels anywhere. Several studies have identified implications like significant elevations in behavioral and somatic healthcare problems, unscheduled absences, low productivity, high levels of burnout and staff turnover, the impact on safe operations, and the financial costs associated with all of these factors.

This webinar offers tangible help for those on the front lines, suggesting strategies for infusing behavioral techniques of mindfulness, relaxation, and play into training curricula. The presenter is a forensic psychologist who conducts training for correctional staff on a variety of topics, and will present and demonstrate examples of techniques that convey important training material, while incorporating activities that reduce stress levels, practice self-care, and foster resilience in the workforce.

During this webinar, we:

  • Discuss specific aspects of correctional work that create toxic stress
  • Describe the individual and systemic impact of stress on the correctional workforce
  • Identify several specific behavioral activities and techniques that can help reduce stress


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