Video: Balancing Order and Recovery: Blueprints for a High Performing, Trauma-Resilient Jail

A significant number of those incarcerated are affected by trauma. Since part of correctional facilities’ goals is to affect behavior change and rehabilitation, ensuring that re-traumatization does not take place within its halls must be paramount.

To discuss the concept of trauma in the correctional setting are Falcon’s David Stephens and Harmony Goorley. Dr. David Stephens is a nationally‐recognized expert with 20 years’ experience in correctional mental health focusing on industry thought leadership. Meanwhile, Harmony is the technical expert for Falcon, Inc. working in the field of correctional behavioral health as a licensed clinical professional counselor, sex offender treatment provider and correctional health professional.

This webinar will unpack the nitty-gritty involved in operating a trauma-resilient jail by looking at the neuroscience involved, symptoms, and action items to implement a trauma-informed approach.

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