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Falcon is a consulting and management firm that exists to elevate mental health services in jails and prisons for the 1.5 million incarcerated Americans with mental illness each year. Grounded on proven methodology and driven by some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, we provide expertise to government and community leaders for the advancement of stronger, safer, and more innovative programs with real, sustainable results.

Specializing in jail and prison mental health services, we align with change leaders to significantly enhance performance in key engagement areas.

Mental Health Program Development & Management

Falcon experts build stronger, safer, and more reliable programs. Using best practices, evidence-based tools, and proven methodologies, we help realize the full potential of your behavioral health services for both staff and inmates.

Mental health program planning and development (tailored to facility specifications)

Staffing model analysis

Implementation/management of programs

Mental health program evaluation analysis, and restructuring

Policies, procedures and program forms

Training and orientation curriculum for staff/security

Integration of evidence-based screening/mental health assessment tools

Specialized Mental Health Programs & Units

Addressing diverse mental health issues against a framework of diminishing resources is a common challenge. With deep experience in this space, Falcon develops progressive, specialized mental health and reintegration units built on innovation and practicality.

Specialized mental health units for acute and non-acute inmates (within a facility)

Operational policies/procedures and therapeutic programming

Specialized reintegration/re-entry and transition units (within a facility)

Restoration of Competency programs/units for “Incompetent to Stand Trial” (IST) inmates

Staffing model recommendations

Consent Decree Technical Assistance

Guidance in structural design (i.e. “built environments”) for special populations

Correctional Mental Health Training & Education

Too often, training becomes a secondary priority and is ineffective in educating or empowering staff. Falcon believes that training is the backbone of any successful program. We are dedicated to delivering training curriculums of the highest standards, rooted on the latest research and technological advancement. Our curriculums change attitudes, enhance communication, and break cycles of deficient care.

Comprehensive mental health training curriculums tailored to jail and prison standards

Orientation curriculums for mental health program start-ups

Training curriculums for specialized mental health units

Train the Trainer Models

Suicide prevention training

Crisis intervention training

Other training topics as requested or specified

Suicide Prevention Programs & Services

Still a leading cause of death in jails across the country, inmate suicide is an epidemic. Yet, effective programs are slow to emerge amid an atmosphere of litigation or legislative grind. Falcon is dedicated to transforming outdated suicide prevention methods. Our experts ground their work in the highest standard of care, research and practice, building systems that are effective, sustainable and proven to work.

Analysis, evaluation and restructuring of current suicide prevention systems

Development and implementation of new suicide prevention systems

Policies and procedures based on best practice and industry standards.

Evidence-based suicide screenings and assessment instruments

Review of suicide completions followed by remedial action plans and staff training.

Segregation/Isolation/Restrictive Housing Programs

Finding safe alternatives to jail segregation/isolation or prison restrictive housing, particularly for inmates with serious mental-illness, remains a unique challenge. Falcon partners with you to develop specialized units and behavior modification programs that safely ease or “steps-down” the transition from confinement into less restrictive environments.


Guidance for creating safer housing alternatives

Therapeutic programming for the seriously mentally-ill in segregation or restrictive housing

Therapeutic programming for behavioral/special management inmates

Intensive behavior modification/“step-down” programs for adults

Intensive behavior modification/“step-down” programs for Youth

Our mission is to facilitate the safe, successful reintegration of inmates into their communities. We help break through organizational boundaries and drive system-wide change to reduce recidivism and improve quality of life.

Community/Reintegration Strategies & Programs

Falcon engages jurisdictions in system-wide change initiatives. We partner with leadership to embrace reintegration challenges and deliver realistic, obtainable solutions. Our jail release models and community reintegration programs are integrative, achievable, and sustainable.

Guidance for reintegration program development tailored to County and community needs

Analysis and restructuring of existing reintegration programs.

Guidance for coordination of services, evidence-based treatments, discharge planning, risk/needs assessment and monitoring tools, etc.

Facilitative planning process, training in evidence-based programming, process development for performance measurement, sustainability planning

Community/Reintegration Resource Centers

Grounded on the newest advancements and led by some of the industry’s top experts, Falcon helps develop outpatient resource centers and guide community corrections facilities to engage in progressive, cutting edge solutions.

Guidance for community outpatient resource development tailored to client and community needs (medical and behavioral health services)

Guidance for community corrections centers, correctional treatment facilities, and correctional rehabilitation centers on use of effective, evidence-based programs

Clinical and operational policies, procedures; therapeutic programming curriculums and guidelines

Staffing model recommendations

Coordination of services, implementation of evidence-based treatments, risk-needs assessments and monitoring tools

Reintegration/Re-entry Training and Education Programs for Inmates

Even basic educational enhancement and training can greatly reduce recidivism among newly released inmates. Falcon believes in the power of education as a cornerstone to any successful re-entry strategy. To that end, we track and routinely assess the most effective educational curriculums that deliver outcomes and great promise.


Recommendations, based on client /community goals, for best evidence-based curriculums

Guidance for effective curriculum development, implementation and training

Population Health Management and Preventative Care

As incarcerated individuals are released into the community, healthcare systems are overburdened by similar issues of mental health, substance abuse, poor treatment adherence, and access to care. Safety and cost issues are pressing concerns as hospital readmissions continue to climb. Falcon’s evidence-based behavioral health treatment models are proven to increase treatment adherence, reduce hospital readmissions, promote community health and advance wellness development.

Collaborative partnership with healthcare and insurance organizations and/or administrators

Needs assessment, program evaluation, program plans

Evidence-based treatment programming, approaches, and tools

Discharge and continuum of care programs (bridging hospital-to-community transitions)

Guidance for development of referral centers to facilitate crisis management and on-going access to behavioral healthcare